Located in the backstreets of the prominent Kagurazaka area of Tokyo. Le Coin Vert is part of the Agnes Hotel and an outlet for Patrick Lemesle’s culinary creations. Having spent significant time as a head patisserie chef in Japan working for the prestigious “Le Cordon Bleu” culinary school, Patrick has honed his craft in all aspects of his trade namely taste, texture and esthetics. Le Coin Vert pushes the envelope with an avant- grade mix of truly unique French pastries and cakes created by a true ambassador of French cuisine.

Le Coin Vert

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Patrick Lemesle - Chef

Originally hailing from Normandy, France, Patrick began his trade in a local Patisserie Shop where he developed his passion for the culinary arts. To further his studies, Patrick moved to Paris where he enrolled as one of the first employees at the now world renowned “Maison Kaiser”.  Starting from 1988, Patrick spent seven years as an executive chef in the confectionery department of Maison Kaiser and was responsible for opening new stores and designing new products. From 2006 to to 2017, Patrick was recruited by the prestigious French cooking school “Le Cordon Bleu” where he was in charge of confectionery courses as a technical director.

After leaving Le Cordon Bleu, Patrick then traveled to China, Shenzhen where he worked at the Flore School of Pastry before returning to Tokyo where he opened his own Patisserie Shop “Le Coin Vert” in the quaint streets of Kagurazaka.  Since its inception, Patrick has used Le Coin Vert as a platform to lend on his almost 40 years of experience as a patisserie chef.  Producing some the finest culinary creations learned from the most distinguished patisserie shops and schools around the world.  This includes petits gateaux, entremets, tarts, gateaux de voyage, gift items, viennoiseries and traditional french breads like fougasses/sourdough baguette and pains de campagne.

Custom Orders

Patrick has decades of experience working with various culinary design, techniques, ingredients and world class colleagues. He has experience baking wedding, seasonal, ad-hoc patisseries and cakes. Patrick and the staff at Le Coin Vert are available to discuss your requirements in Japanese, French or English.

Birthday Cakes

The majority of our custom orders are Birthday Cakes. We recommend 4 different cakes and we can add a message or candles depending on your needs.


12 cm – ¥3,240

15 cm – ¥4,644

18 cm – ¥6,264

21 cm – ¥7,344

Noir Desir

12 cm – ¥3,020

15 cm – ¥4,104

18 cm – ¥5,832

21 cm – ¥7,020

Tarte citron

15 cm – ¥3,456

18 cm – ¥4,536

21 cm – ¥5,616


12 cm – ¥3,348

15 cm – ¥4,428

18 cm – ¥6,156

21 cm – ¥7,695

Candles ———— ¥130

Message plate —-¥100


Our customers favourite. Please choose from the selection below, order them from our contact page or better still, come visit us at our shop.

Diamants Vanille Box

Cookie coated with cassonade sugar

Diamants Chocolate Box

Cookie coated with cassonade sugar

Fruits Guimauve 6 PC

Fluffy guimauve with 4 kinds of fruits flavors

Fruits guimauve 12PC

Fluffy guimauves with 4 kinds of fruits flavors

Fruits Meringues (Small)

Fruits flavored meringue

Fruits Meringues (Large)

Fruits flavored meringues

Diamants Vanille Set

5 diamants vanille

Diamants Chocolate Set

5 chocolate diamants

Financier Amande

Financier vanilla and almond flavor

Financier Caramel

Financier with caramel flavor

Financier Pistache

Financier with pistache paste

Financier Earl Grey

Financier with earl grey tea leaves

Financier Noisette

Financier with home made praline and roasted hazelnut

Gift Box XS

Cookies box (6~8 PC)

Gift Box M

Cookies box (8~10 PC)

Traditional Baguette

Baguette is a classic French loaf of bread that is characterized by its long, thin shape and crispy crust. French baguette is a lean dough, meaning there is no fat present in the dough, which creates a chewy texture inside of the loaf.


Pain de campagne (“country bread” in French), also called “sourdough bread”is a larger round loaf with natural leavening and baker’s yeast, salt and water.

The crust tastes unique and the moisture inside lends to an array of different flavors.

Chocolate Croissant

Le Coin Vert Chocolate croissants are made using a special technique which creates 2 different layers inside the croissant, later adding a dark chocolate ganache filling.

Framboise Croissant

Framboise croissants are made using a special technique which creates 2 different layers inside the croissant, later adding a home made framboise cremeux filling.

Kouign Aman

Kouign-aman originally comes from Bretagne in France, it’s a type of croissant dough with butter and salt caramelized in a special mold.  Chef’s personal favourite and highly recommended.

Signature Seasonal Creations

Patrick is often asked what gives him inspiration to make his unique creations. Drawing influences from Paris to Japan and Japan to China, Patrick draws inspirations from the beauty in the world he sees around him delivering unique French creations tailored to his Japanese clientele.

Eclair Halloween *October Special*

Choux dough, Orange cream, Orange jam, Pumpkin cream

Noir Desir

Four unique layers merge to create the ultimate chocolate cake.

Cassis Vanille

Cassis and Blueberry Mousse mouth watering treat.

Eeal-Grey Peaches

Chocolate cookie, earl grey dacquoise, earl grey creamy, peach jelly, earl grey milk chocolate moouse, milk chocolate glaze


Pistachio Crumble, Strawberry Soft Sponge, Pistachio, Kirsch Mousse, Strawberry Compote, Pistachio Siphon Sponge & Pistachio whipped Ganache.

Baba Rhum Raisins

Baba dough with rum, rum raisins creamy, chantilly cream rum, rum.


Almond cookie, mango orange soft sponge, apricot passion mango vanilla mousse, mango creamy, coconuts fine, white chocolate vanilla whipped ganache.

Chou Cream Vanilla

Whipped cream with vanilla sandwiched between two sponge layers

Tartelette Citron

A classic meringue cake that's crispy and full of summer zest.

Mont Vert

Lady finger sponge, Swiss meringue, Chestnut cream, Chestnut gel, blackcurrant compote & Chantilly cream.

Cream Cheese Apricot

Crumble, Joconde Sponge, Orange/Contreau Jam, Lemon Cream Cheese Mousse, Apricot Jelly, Cointreau/Mascarpone Whipped Cream & White Chocolate.

Paris Brest

Craquelin cookie, choux dough, praline, caramelized hazelnuts, praline cream

Tartelette Chocolat

Chocolate sable dough, tonka black ganache, chocolate pearls, black chocolate whipped ganache, black glaze, cocoa nibs.

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